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Welcome to GCATT

GCATT is an initiative for creating real and virtual clusters of excellence in advanced telecommunications - the latest technologies and applications in networking, content processing, and system solutions. Formed in 1991, the GCATT partnership of industry, government and research universities works together in a three-pronged strategy for high-tech economic development in Georgia:



  • Types of Internet security software

    Types of Internet security software
    Keep your secure computer security software. (Man Thinking About internet security image by patrimonio designs from

    Although the can be for many useful and educational, it can also be quite dangerous, what is cyber security? The malicious, also known as malware can infect your computer, steal information and even destroy your . Fortunately, there are many tools you can use to help strengthen when you enter online.

    Antivirus software

    The most basic security program is the of . This periodically download small components known as “definitions” from a server, which help you identify the virus on your computer.Having this type of software on your device is essential, as it will get rid of all malware accidentally discharged and, hopefully, willprevent it disperses on your computer. However, the disadvantage is that only the antivirus deletes the malicious software after it has been identified or downloaded, and does not prevent the malware is introduced into your computer.


    Unlike antivirus software, a firewall can actually prevent the malware is downloaded to your computer. Additionally, a good firewall can prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network, which can help increase corporate security. A firewall works by monitoring the connections made to and from your computer. Any connection that is not part of a default or custom “whitelist” of approved connection is aborted automatically.


    Pop-Up Blocker

    The software for blocking pop-ups is also an essential component of the security scheme.Many viruses are introduced using this inopportune mechanics, but you can stop the appearance of these windows and tabs unauthorized software with a strong blocking these elements. Most modern programs of this type are integrated to your favorite as an extension to help stop these windows at the source, before they have a chance to appear and possibly infect your computer browser.

    3 Android applications fans positioning SEO


    Today we are going to delve into the wonderful world of SEO, something very fashionable for all companies , or not Enterprise- the Internet sector. Being on the net is not important; the important thing is they find us. That is the idea of Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization). In short, ride a website and want Google to send you visitors . For them there are people and companies dedicated to best search engine optimization agency .

    These professionals also deserve to know which applications can use Android for their sector, so let the mess:

    SEO WebRank

    One of the applications that I like, especially for good design. It allows you to access a quick look of a page. Very useful when you are not near your computer and you have to keep an eye on a customer or competitor.


    It provides information via four tabs:

    • General : where we can see a rating that gives us the application and basic data such as tags “title”, “Description” or “keywords” (although the latter are obsolete).
    • Analysis : in short, shows the profile of the site, with data like Pagerank, Alexa or pages indexed in Google.
    • Header : The tab for the more technical and WPO lovers, with interesting data at the server level.
    • DNS : Easy, DNS values for which it is resolving the domain.

    Download | Play Store

    SEO Automatic

    This application is more practical because it gives us more real data on possible problems on the web analyzed . With color-coded traffic light not accuse the major and minor errors, in addition to the things we have well placed:


    Although this in English, it is easy to see why things fail on our website. Logically, the implementation is somewhat limited, but we can get out of trouble on the street.

    Download | Play Store



    We could not miss an app to check the status of the keywords on which we work . In Google Play you will find many, but SEO ARP works quite well and has a very tasty interface. The free version has a limit on the number of keywords, but the paid version is cheap enough to be interesting. In addition, we can obtain social metrics on our website, another plus.

    SEO SERP APP - Android Apps on Google Play

    Jupiter IO, a smartphone that doubles as electronic cigarette

    Smartphone vaporizer

    The smartphones are an object of vital necessity in these times and there are models for all tastes and needs, but some offer extras quite strange and attention.

    Jupiter IO is a hybrid between smartphone and electronic cigarette, because this Android device integrates a complete system to use e-cigarettes in different flavors and even a lighter. What is a smartphone that encourages smoking? Nothing really … but show it to you so you can judge for yourself, because anyway, remains healthier than cigarettes.

    Jupiter: An Android phone with electronic cigarette included


    The best electronic cigarette in the UK is increasingly popular and although they have negative health effects would not be as severe as those of ordinary cigarettes. If you are among your users you will like the option provided Jupiter IO .

    Jupiter is not only a planet but also the name of a new smartphone Android with mid – level technology integrates everything you need to enjoy your e-cigarettes and even sell cartridges with liquids in different flavors.

    With prices starting at $ 299 the smartphone Jupiter is the work of the American company Vaporcade and is designed so as to include within thevaporization system to which the cartridges with liquid and nozzle are connected.

    First smartphone smokable

    Jupiter IO can be described as the first and only smart phone that incorporates asystem for the use of electronic cigarettes . Its manufacturers have only list the version with 3G connectivity , but is announced one issue with 4G .

    The Jupiter IO uses operating system Android KitKat 4.4 and although we do not know much about the specifics on their official site you can see it has front and rear cameras, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G and LTE alone in his model IO4 not yet goes on sale.

    Dedicated exclusively to fans of e-cigarettes it integrates a Vaporcade application that lets you control and provide information about the cartridge being used, usage history and even the possibility of creating limits on the number of sprays that are made per day plus plans that help you quit smoking traditional cigarettes .


    To prevent the battery runs out fast when using both the mobile and the electronic cigarette the Jupiter IO integrates two batteries which gives a good autonomy and design allows get to smoke quickly without having to perform a complicated assembly process, as simply connect the liquid cartridge and the nozzle .

    The Jupiter IO3 sells for $ 299, while the model IO4 that has LTE connectivity will be released in the coming months for $ 499 . Both can be purchased on their official website which also offered cartridges in five flavors and sold for $ $ 14.99 each being compatible with mobile.

    Do you think the Jupiter IO will succeed or be a fiasco?

  • GCATT now offers event co-sponsorship opportunities that include a discount on room rates in our event facilities. GCATT Presents is a monthly program in partnership with advanced communications related companies, associations, and organizations where industry representatives, academicians, and government entities can network, learn, and collaborate. LEARN MORE
  • Executive Director Nikil Jayant represented GCATT and Georgia Tech at the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2004) in Montreal, Quebec May 17-24. ICASSP is the world's largest and most comprehensive technical conference focused on signal processing and its applications. LEARN MORE
  • The research group headed by Dr. C. S. Thachenkary of the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University is conducting a survey of current and potential users of residential broadband access technologies. The objective of this research is to help identify the major factors driving broadband demand and adoption. Please take a moment to fill out the survey online.



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June 2 , 2004 MIT Forum: “Venture Capital – Placing Your Bets” $20 members/$30 non-members/$35 at door >>>

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The GCATT partnership of industry, government and universities works together in a three-pronged strategy of Technology, Policy and Commercialization for high-tech economic development in Georgia

The Georgia Research Alliance six research universities include Georgia Tech, The University of Georgia, Georgia State University, The Medical College of Georgia, Clark Atlanta University, and Emory University.
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