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The 16 most geek movies to understand the world of technology

Have you ever made any reference that you not understand? In the world of technology, geek is what unites.

Not to be outdone by sharing quotes from movie characters at the most opportune moments, you have to know the films that inspired them . And since the beginning of the film, technology has been part of great futurists and science fiction films, betting on what the future holds, the gadgets we use in the year 3000 and if the robots will eventually dominate the world.

Although it is impossible to know all the necessary to be a wiseacre film technology, the TV magazine putlocker movies collected a list of the essential movies to navigate between the most skilled technology and to understand some of the references films more convoluted:

The Matrix

1. The Matrix

We are all in the Matrix. A confused programmer hacker (Neo) binds to a human rebellion, fighting a reality in which most humans are dominated by robots, making them succumb to a false virtual reality identical to ours. The film features stunning special effects and especially leather. Very much leather . Important characters include sunglasses, which are carried everywhere to increase the level of mystery.It is one of the few films that technology can sin be enough now that mobile retro have sliding lids and computer screens boxy, but still cool . Follow the white rabbit.

2001: A Space Odyssey

2.2001: A Space Odyssey

Prepare yourselves . During the first half hour, rookies in science fiction and technological world will not understand the reason for the millions of references received by this film, since it seems that nothing is happening. The real protagonists of the film are the special effects, amazing for its time, HAL, the computer most legendary film and the black obelisk that led to the development of the human species . Although it is a slow film, we must be patient: the story comes to an extraordinary and unforgettable summit after a long buildup of tension loaded.

The Fly

3.The Fly (The Fly)

What happens when a man on a conveyor it gets and the other flies a clueless fly?This fusion of horror and science fiction inspired sharp little voices of ‘help me’ the world. In the film, an ambitious young scientist who builds a machine conveyor and tele-smell from afar that something will go wrong.


4. Metropolis

A classic film and technology in movies. In this German film, in the distant future humans are divided into the rich and the poor: the rich enjoy all privileges, while the poor have to work in factories to provide these riches . A young wealthy citizen is fascinated by poor herald of civil rights (Maria) and follows the underworld who are inhabiting the poor. The answer you get Mary to his harangues makes the rich create a robot like her to try to dissuade the poor from the rebellion. The chaos unleashed Mary and her evil twin robot that will endanger this dystopia.

A Scanner Darkly

5. A Scanner Darkly

This animated film based on the novel by Philip K. Dick presents a near future in which the US government is obsessed with the war on drugs, especially against a narco – called ‘D’ (Death). A cop (Keanu Reeves) has infiltrated a drug gang and tries to solve a case, but to safeguard their identity in public needs to wear a mask that will alter the face. His identity as a drug trafficker has developed so much that the police feel unhappy friend group that is spying. Things become more disturbing when his superiors, unaware of his double life, he is sent to spy on himself. This murky film full of worrying displays, along with the masterful digital animation that help create ominously, like a bad dream brought to reality.


6. Inception

Leonardo DiCaprio is an unstoppable agent before the mind of any person, can be inserted into the dreams of anyone and trick them to reveal their hidden secrets .In order to control him in their dives, the team has infinite tranquilizers and ‘architect’ to create virtual reality. The problem is that specialist dives have a special visitor who fails to fall apart, that plague his thoughts and spoils their missions. When the team starts a new mission to collect information from the mind of an heir, they are forced to dive into the depths of the mind.

Minority Report

7.Minority Report

Do you own your future? In Minority Report , the visionaries of the future are connected to a computer gig before sending signals to detect and prevent crime before it occurs . A police officer to arrest the criminals of the future becomes embroiled in a scandal when a vision of him killing a man who knows arrives. In danger of being arrested and convicted, he becomes a fugitive to try to discover why would murder the man of vision.

The Social Network

8. The Social Network (Social Network)

The story of college friends behind Facebook social project ; ambitions, dreams and challenges of a small group of students that would result in the biggest bombshell of social networks. The story begins with the birth of the idea of Facebook, who joined some young revolutionaries, he came to Palo Alto and separated. Zuckerberg, who is presented as a young arrogant, ambitious and imaginative, is the ringleader of the operation emerged from an internal social network for Harvard.

Artificial intelligence

8. AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This film, in which a child dies in an accident and is replaced by an identical robot, is a moving story of the future in which robots are treated as income, but are able to feel. Very inspired by Pinnochio, account with robot battles and a touching story of a robot who wants to be loved. In it, the technology is used to greedily by humans, who do not consider the skills and desires of the robots they use.

I robot

10. I, Robot

Another classic science fiction made into a film: In the future, all humans have robots that help them perform daily tasks. Disempowered, the robots should follow the three standards to protect at all costs to humans . A distrustful police believe the murder of a scientist creator of the new robots has been killed by one of his creations. His research uncovers the unfairness of the rules, the power of own thoughts and judgments of the planned rules to protect humans.

Twelve Monkeys

11. Twelve Monkeys

Deliberately unleashed a virus has made millions of people worldwide die. The remaining humans take refuge under the earth to be safeguarded and some prisoners volunteer to conduct experiments and discover more about the virus. A James Cole, a volunteer prisoner, give you the opportunity to travel to the past to discover who is behind the catastrophe.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

12. Pirates of Silicon Valley

An entertaining telefilm 90 in which all developed to put the computer in the place that is now presented. It gives a little background where they have left the most creative minds in the tech world. The baddie, definitely Steve Jobs.

Blade Runner

13. Blade Runner

Of course, little to do with the original book by Philip K. Dick. Harrison Ford is in a parallel world in which humans live in bleak and dirty cities. Several deranged robots have become rebels, they have returned to the past and endanger the safety of the system servitud robots looking for its creator. It is the work of Deckard (the blade runner) to remove them .

The fifth element

14. The Fifth Element

In the distant future, a former military driver receives a passenger surprise in the back of your vehicle. The traveling mysterious part of the salvation of the earth against a voracious alien entity that promises to devour the planet. A sacred stones, an alien singer of blue blood and a radio of the future are key to human survival.

The Terminator

15. Terminator

A killing machine of the future returns to 80 to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of the genius who invented the robots murderers and leader of the rebel movement. One of the most popular films of all time, the first installment introduces the young protagonist fleeing an unstoppable machine that aims to kill her, with the help of a mysterious young man of the future, manager help you survive.


16. 1984

Who does not want to know what they are doing everyone at all times? In 1984, all inhabitants are controlled by Big Brother with advanced technology in an absolute dictatorship . In it, the protagonist rebels against the system. This classic adapted from George Orwell’s version is a slow adaptation and gray what could be our future without rights or freedoms.

The ‘ what if’ is the question that share all these films, in which technology is presented as something scary but wonderful and catastrophic in the hands of the wrong people . This list includes only a few essential but there are many more movies that try to give an answer to that question.

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