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The best robots carpet cleaning our house

Cleaning robots are increasingly more frequent gadgets in our homes. While they have not exploited in terms of sales from the commercial point, the lack of hours to keep our house clean and work involved is causing the market these smart devices is growing like wildfire in recent years.


Different brands throne disputed in this sector, although some like iRobot lead being the best for years, at the beginning of this revolution. More known to all of us in the world of consumer technology website companies like LG and Samsung are also showing their new proposals each year. To compile a list of the best cleaning robots on the market today have to take into account many factors: weight, noise, materials, capacity, efficiency, sensors, battery or configuration.

Obviously from the most technical premises must be the consumer who choose the cleaning robot is best for your home, is not the same as having a house of many square meters of few, it depends on the routine cleaning we want to implement, whether it be daily or weekly, if we have pets at home or allergic hair, our soil type, in short, many variables depending on our needs.

iRobot Roomba 790

We can say without fear of contradiction that the iRobot Roomba 790 is one of the robots most comprehensive and intelligent market today cleaning. This device, which has dimensions of 43x22x45 centimeters and weighs 7.5 kilograms , incorporates the most cutting – edge technological advances of your company:

IRobot Roomba 790 The touch screen is able to follow a pattern of persistent cleaning similar to the movement of a brush in areas where recognize as much dirt.

And thanks to its multiple sensors the robot detects stairs or obstacles and automatically returns to its base to engage and recharge your batteries once scheduled cleaning is completed.

All this technology comes at a price of 799 euros . Expensive, yes, possibly the most expensive robot cleaning market, but we are talking about the best apparatus of this sector able to collect an average of 98% of all the dirt from our house in a couple of passes.

Samsung SR8980 Navibot

The Samsung Navibot SR8980 is on our list of the best cleaning robots thanks largely to its design. The model has some measures 35x8x35 cm , much lower than the iRobot apparatus with consequent advantages that this brings us to the time that the robot passes under our furniture.

Thanks to the Visionary Mapping Plus , the Navibot can capture up to 30 frames per second so a virtual map stored in our house, not going to go through the sites that are already clean. Its 12 sensors allow you to move in a fairly quickly without falling down stairs or run into major obstacles, but are not as effective as iRobot, because having a camera on top pointing to theceiling, small obstacles like legs of a chair are hardly detectable for him.

Another fundamental pillars of this cleaning robot is its low noise level, only 60 dB . His side brushes are much more elongated than usual and besides having to travel less distance generally gives the device a more powerful appearance while moving around our house.

The Samsung Navibot SR8980 is able to clean the 90% of dirt from our house in a single pass. Its price in stores is approximately at 699 euros .

LG Hom-Bot Square

The LG Hom-Bot Square is for me the most beautiful robot for cleaning our home, but the design will not make our house is immaculate. This device has been designed to reach everywhere, improve cleaning corners, carpets or all surfaces, in short, an SUV cleaning.

With dimensions of 34x8x34 and weighing 3 kg this robot cleaning the most compact high range. The Hom-Bot Square corrects one of the major problems of Samsung model, its intelligent vision. The LG robot incorporates 2 cameras, one on top and one on the bottom to make a complete mapping of our house.

Its square design, unlike other robots, allows you to reach more easily and quickly to the corners of our house making better cleaning with its side brushes 1.5 centimeters . Both ultrasonic sensors and infrared built along its entire chassis make the robot is able to perceive all sorts of obstacles, including transparent objects.

The LG Hom-Bot Square has a special turbo mode for carpet cleaning is as quiet as the model Samsung ( 60 dB ) and is even able to speak to offering information about cleaning our house.

All this technology comes at a price of 649 euros , which puts us in front ofthe cleaning robot possibly better value on the market today.

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